January 1, 2023,  Lack of affordable Insurance is forcing  suspension of training in our aircraft for the forseeable future.  We will continue to serve the Lake community by training in your aircraft.

Please check back with us. We will update this page with any changes.

Seaplane Certification

Individualized ground and flight training can be completed in a single 3-day weekend (in our Lake Amphibian) at our comfortable  Grand Lake facility.

FAA Land & Seaplane Checkrides

 Steve is a FAA designated pilot examiner for Private, Commercial, Instrument Single-Engine Land & Sea. 


Lake Amphibian Training

If you simply need to hone your skills in your Lake Buc or need training before you accept delivery of a Lake, training with us is a great option.

Get Rated.

Add a Single-engine Seaplane Rating to your existing Private or Commercial Pilots license in as little as three days.  Train in our Lake Amphibian on Oklahoma's beautiful Grand Lake.



Ready to fly?

Simply call Steve Robinson at 918-289-3940 to pick training dates -- then  use our our booking page to pay a deposit.