Our Approach

Flight Instruction

To secure  your training dates we require a $500 deposit. Call Steve at 918-289-3940 to pick training time. Then go to our book now page and pay deposit using Paypal or your credit card. Once we receive your payment we will send you a link to access our online training materials.

Our online training materials are mostly downloadable .pdf files to study offline.

Included are the FAA's Seaplane Handbook along with our training syllabus, aircraft flight manual, checklists, weight & balance, FAA Airmen Certification Standards and some photos.


Our Story

Instrument Instruction

Our WAAS enabled GNS 430 is IFR certified. We can teach all instrument approaches including ILS, VOR & GPS VNAV and LPV's. Thinking of buying a GNS 430 for your airplane? Just want to learn GPS VNAV approaches? Learn it all while earning your seaplane rating.

Lake Instruction

We are approved by Falcon & AOPA Insurance ( they insure a large part of the fleet) to conduct initial and recurrent training in your Renegade or Buc (or my Buc). We can even certify CFI's to join the approved Lake Instructor team!


Next Step...

Call us or email us with your questions.  We're always glad to help.