Is a Seaplane/Float Plane rating the same thing?
Yes, you may train in either a flying boat (Lake Amphibian) or float plane and will be certified to fly any single-engine seaplane.

Do you have an Examiner on staff and what is your pass rate?
Steve is our examiner. It's best if we book  several weeks in advance. You may train with Steve or Robert. however Robert will always fly and sign you off before exam. We train to  proficiency according to FAA Airmen Certification standards and have a 99% pass rate.

Where will I do my Training and how long does it take?
We recommend training at Grand Lake. You can stay at our home where the aircraft is parked in our yard. We can immediately enter the water for quick efficient training. We can pick you up if you airline into Tulsa and suggest you fly your aircraft into South Grand Regional (1K8). We usually start training at noon on Fridays and finish Sundays (or Thursday-Saturday) by noon. We also do training at KRVS in Tulsa.

Will I get a Private or Commercial Seaplane Rating?
The seaplane rating "adds on" to your existing Private or Commercial License.   If you are a private pilot and plan on training for a commercial license. We recommend you obtain your commercial license first, then we will train you to commercial standards in seaplanes.

What does it cost for a Seaplane Rating?
The aircraft is $250/hr. dual. Room and board at our cabin is $95/night. Most students complete training in 6-8 hours.  Two hours of Ground School is $75. Total cost for an 8 hour Private/Commercial rating with room and board  is $2615. We are still the low cost provider of Lake Amphibian Training in the country!
Do I need a hotel room or rent car at Grand Lake or KRVS? 
While both are available in Grove, they are not necessary. We take pride in offering a great Bed & Breakfast experience at our Grand Lake home.  Kathy is a wonderful cook and caters to the tastes of our guests. You will have a private room in our home, all meals are included !

In Tulsa (KRVS) we are very close to Tulsa Hills. There is a nearby Hampton Inn & lots of restaurants.